A brand new look

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3 Features • 4 Improvements • 1 Known Issue

After months of hard work behind the scenes, we're thrilled to introduce you to our new design and new sign in flow. This week, we shipped:

  • New community design
  • Find your community search
  • Sign in faster with magic sign in link
  • Restream widget sizing is fixed
  • Show me around Altar tour works again
  • Invite a friend to the Demo
  • Email verification email sends consistently

🎉 New Features 

New community landing page

We implemented brand new, clean design across the platform. Your events and meeting tab, members tab, and conversations tab all got a shiny new update. 

Find your community

When someone signs in to Altar for the first time, they can now search for your community. If you belong to multiple communities, you can now easily switch between them.

Magic link sign in

Have too many passwords to remember? Well now we're making it one step easier to sign in. If you sign in with your email address, we’ll email you a magic code for a password-free sign in. Or you can sign in manually instead.

💪 Improvements 

Restream widget sizing

The widget sizing of Restream videos is now adjusted to fit the full screen, no matter if you chose Small, Medium or Large. The Restream widget video still refreshes every time you select a new seat or the screen changes. This is a known issue due to widget issues on Restream's side. For this reason, we recommend connecting the YouTube or Facebook video directly instead of the Restream widget.

Show me around Altar tour

The platform tour during the live event is now responsive and will help your people navigate around, whether it's their first time or 30th time on Altar Live.

Inviting a friend to the Demo

If you used the demo on our website, the ability to invite a friend is working again.

Email verification email after updating email

When you change or update your email, the email verification email is now triggered.

🕵️‍♀️ Known Issues

Adding yourself as a Greeter/Host: We made some changes this week that inadvertently removed the ability to add yourself as a Host or Greeter. We’ll be reinstating it quickly at the beginning of next week. At the moment, the person who creates the event will still automatically be a Host by default. So you will still be a Host on the event, even though you can’t select yourself.