New Event Features & Improvements!

Celebrate, because new features are officially here! This week released a new exciting feature that will take your Altar Live experience to the next level. Here’s what’s new: ‍

Maeve Brooks

May 4, 2022

Customize Event Space

Create the Event YOU want! This new feature allows you to create Events with a few different design options: 

  • Events with a Lobby only (no Auditorium)
  • Events with an Auditorium and only Rooms in the Lobby
  • Different numbers of Rows in the Auditorium 

Monthly Recurrence

We just made scheduling Events even easier! Now in addition to scheduling recurring events daily and weekly, you can now set an event to repeat monthly! Perfect for monthly Bible studies, team meetings, and more! 

Anonymous User Improvement

We improved our anonymous user functionality to be easier and more accessible to newcomers and your hospitality team. Now, the names of anonymous visitors will now change from Color + Animal (i.e. Pink Monkey) to Visitor + 4 digit number (Visitor 1234).

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