How to create an event or service


Stephanie Antonucci Leathe

Last Updated:
November 18, 2020

In Altar Live, you  create events through the event creation process.


  • Anyone with admin access can create, edit or delete events.
  • You can have synchronous events in the same community. Each event has its own event link.
  • Currently, each event is a one-time event. In the future, you will be able to create standing events. For example, you create a standing event for your Sunday service and link it to your website. The event link never changes, but the live stream, hospitality team, pre-event slides, and social lobby details can be changed.

* At any time during the event creation process, you can click Back to go to the previous step. You can also click Save As Draft to come back to the event later. It will only appear as a draft to community admins.

Creating a new event

Step 1: Navigate to and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click on the Add New button from the “Events & Meetings” screen

Event Type

Step 3: Click Select on the Live Stream event type. To learn more about Produced Live Event and Group Meeting, contact us!

General Details

Step 4: Enter the event name and description into the appropriate fields.

Step 5: Select the date and actual start and end time of the event.

Note: The event will be created in the time zone of the community, and will automatically update to display in the time zone of individual members according to the time zone they selected in their profile preference.

Hospitality Team

Step 6: Click the Add Member button.

Step 7: Add members to be Greeters by clicking on their name, then click Select.

Note: The designated Greeters can chat with both general viewers and logged in members, answer questions, and manage permissions and remove people from the event.

Step 8: Select one or more members to be a Host by clicking on the checkbox near the name.

Note: Hosts have all the same permissions as the rest of the Greeters, but are the only ones who have master controls to Go Live and End Event for All. By default, the person who creates the event has Host status. Anyone else who has been checked as a Host will also have Host permissions. If the person who has created the event does not join the event and no one else has been made a Host, no one will be able to Go Live.

Note: You can remove a member from your Hospitality Team by clicking on the trash bin near the checkbox.

Step 9: Specify the Greeting Message.

Note: The greeting message you create will be automatically sent to all users who join the event, by anonymous and logged in members.

Viewing Permissions

Step 10: On the Viewing Permissions step you can choose those who can join:

  • Anyone (public event, people don't have to have an account to join)
  • All Members (members have to log in to join the event)
  • Selected Members (only specific logged in members are able to join the event)


Step 11: On the Stream step, select the Stream provider and put the URL to the URL field. Learn more about connecting your stream here.

 Pre Event Slides

Step 12: On the Pre Event step, choose the Slide Transition Time from the drop-down menu. 

Step 13: Upload pre-event slides by clicking on the image area.

Note: Currently, you can add up to 3 slides. If someone clicks on the event link before the event starts, they will see a countdown timer and the slides rotating automatically. Use these pre-event slides to share announcements or pictures from your community!

Post Event Lobby

Step 14: Select the number of Seats per table.

Notes: This will determine how many available "seats" will be available at each table. Currently, each table allows up to 4 seats. The number of tables automatically generated based on number of members in the event. New tables will be added as more members join the event.

Editing an Event

You can edit an event in both Draft and Published state by clicking on the Edit button on the card.

Click Save Changes and the changes that have been made will be saved. 

Publishing, Deleting & Saving As Draft

Publish Event: Click on Publish if you want to publish the event. All the participants will see the event published on the Events Meetings screen.

Save as Draft: You can Save as Draft the event on any step of the creation in case you want to have it and not to show anyone.

Deleting an Event: Click Delete and the event will be deleted. It will disappear from the “Events&Meetings” screen.

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