To stream a video feed in Altar Live, you need to connect a video feed from another source. You can connect your video feed to Altar Live in three ways:

  • Directly from a streaming provider via RTMP or HLS (.m3u8).
  • Directly from a video player such as YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo via the Stream URL.
  • Upload a video file directly to Altar Live (maximum 5 GB)

Video Players

Connecting YouTube to Altar Live

Connecting Facebook to Altar Live

Connecting Vimeo to Altar Live

Connecting Twitch to Altar Live

Connecting Zoom to Altar Live

Stream Providers

Connecting Boxcast to Altar Live

Connecting Castr to Altar Live

Connecting ChurchStreaming.TV to Altar Live

Connecting DaCast to Altar Live

Connecting Ecamm Live to Altar Live

Connecting StreamingChurch.TV to Altar Live

Connecting StreamYard to Altar Live

Connecting Restream to Altar Live

Connecting Resi to Altar Live

Vimeo + Altar Partnership Integration

Alternate Streaming Options

Connecting RTMP

Connecting HLS (.m3u8)

Uploading pre-recorded videos to Altar Live

Video Editing Software  Options

Connecting OBS to Altar Live

Connecting vMix to Altar Live

Connecting Wirecast to Altar Live


You can send a live stream feed to other destinations simultaneously from Altar Live if you are using RTMP. Learn more about how to multi-stream.

Setting up your live stream feed

Step 1: Create an event

Step 2: When you get to the streaming step, select whether your stream is live or pre-recorded. Then, select which live stream player your link will come from.

Step 3: Connect your live stream feed through any of these methods:

  • Copy and paste a live stream URL or HLS (.m3u8) link
  • Copy your Altar RTMP credentials into your stream provider
  • Upload a video file (maximum 5 GB)

Step 4: Enter any other event details, then publish your event.

The video feed will automatically begin to play when the event start time begins. You can also manually Go Live earlier. Learn more about event timing.

Frequently asked questions

Can I connect uploaded/pre-recorded videos?

Yes! You can upload video files directly to Altar Live. Uploaded (pre-recorded) videos are synchronized for all members that join the event. If someone joins your event after it has already started, they will join where everyone else is watching.

Can I have multiple streams/services running synchronously in one account?

Yes, Altar Live allows you to host multiple events at the same time. Each event will have its own unique URL that attendees can join. Each event can also have a unique stream feed. If you are using an RTMP connection, however, you can only have one RTMP source at a time.

What’s the difference between live and simulated Live Video?

A live broadcast is happening in real-time. Simulated live broadcasts allow you to upload a pre-recorded video and schedule it to play at a specific time as if it were a live online event. Schedule your videos through your stream provider or through Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo, and connect the stream URL to your Altar Live event.

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