October 2021 Product Roadmap

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Recording Meetings (Released)

You asked, we delivered. The ability to record Meetings is here and the need for Zoom has disappeared! Now you can record and archive all your gatherings, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and more.
Read how Altar Live replaces Zoom here

Share Audio & Video (Released)

We just released something way better than just screen share. Now you can share high quality video and seamless audio during Meetings! Sharing a YouTube video or audio from Spotify is perfect for small groups and Bible studies. The Host can stop and play audio and video for everyone, and even talk over it. Whether you are leading an Alpha group or a RightNow Media bible study, you now have the ability to share the video seamlessly to all attendees without having to use screen-share. Say goodbye to jumpy audio and video!

Platform Tour when attendees join an Event (Coming Soon)

First impressions matter. That's why we are releasing a platform tour when attendees join an Event on Altar. When any attendee joins an Event on Altar Live, they will be given a tour of the platform, guiding them through all the features and showing how to participate and engage during an event so they can enjoy the full experience. And the best part? You can customize the Welcome step in the tour for each event to make it feel like your own. We want attendees to feel confident while navigating the platform.

Hosts/Admins Can Join a Full Row or Table (Released)

Hosts and Admins are an essential part of facilitating your Altar Live experience and keeping it a safe environment for everyone! Now, a host or admin assigned to an event can join a Table or Row, even if it is already full. If you need to check in on a group for any reason but there isn’t an empty seat, you can still join.

Add Pre-Event Welcome Video (Coming Soon)

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a welcome video playing when people join your event before it begins? In a few weeks, you will be able to do exactly that. Now, you will be able to choose between uploading images or a video  as your pre-event slides; a perfect way to engage your audience as soon as they enter the Event.

Moving From Lobby to Auditorium Countdown (Released)

Switching from the Lobby to an Event can be confusing to new attendees. Now when a host chooses to move everyone in the Lobby back to the Event, there will be a notification in the top of the screen that will count down and alert attendees to where they are going. 

Select which events & meetings appear on the Community Landing page (Released)

Hosting a private staff meeting? Invite only prayer group? Now, when you post an Event or Meeting, you can decide whether it will only appear on your Community Landing Page or not. No more confusion! 

Adapted to Smaller Screens (Released)

Celebrate because all Altar Live events can be adapted to fit small 13 inch screens! Now, whenever you join any Altar Live event, the screen will automatically fit to the size of your device. 

Camera & Video Browser Permissions (Coming soon)

We updated Video & Browser permissions to ensure easy access to an Event or Meeting and to avoid any confusion. Tailored to your desired browser, our permissions pop up menu will instruct you step-by-step how to access your camera and video permissions. 

Duplicating Events & Meetings (Coming Soon)

Creating recurring Events & Meetings will be easier than ever! Perfect for weekly Bible studies, prayer meetings and more, Hosts and Admins will be able to easily duplicate an Event or Meeting. 

Poll Panel (Released)

Sending a Poll? We made a few adjustments to ensure that all attendees won’t miss it! Now when you send a Poll, the Poll panel will automatically open for attendees to see and vote.

Community Selector Cards (Coming Soon)

Introducing new and improved Community Selector Cards! If you belong to multiple communities on Altar, it will now be easier to change between them. Our new sleek design provides the name and location of your community so attendees will have easy accessibility.