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2 New Features - 1 New Improvement - 2 Known Issues

It's the day you've been waiting for: the long awaited pew view/watch parties have arrived! One of the most unique features about Altar Live is ability for your online attendees to actually talk and see one another during the service in small groups. Now, when you encourage people to “pass the peace” or pray with someone, they can actually turn to a neighbor or go find someone to say hi to! But that's not all that's new this week!

  • New pew view & watch parties
  • Easier sign in with Google
  • Supported across all browser types

New Features

Pew view/watch parties: video conference

People online can choose to just watch, or interact with other members through chat or video watch parties.

Easier sign ups

You can now sign up or log in with Google! The sign up process also now happens all within the live event - no need to leave the event at all.


Fully supported on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge

To help maximize accessibility for your people, you can successfully join an Altar Live event on any browser on a laptop.

Known Issues

Going into this weekend, our team is rapidly working on addressing the following issues.

Sharing links on Facebook

Links from Altar Live are mistakenly being denied due to Facebook’s community policy rules. Our support team is working with Facebook to resolve the issue.

More updates to watch parties

There are more changes coming to stabilize and optimize watch parties next week. We’ll keep you updated!