Altar Live Live Streaming Featured Among FaithTech's Cutting-Edge Innovators

Altar Live featured among Cutting-Edge Innovators in FaithTech’s Missional Tech Trend on Streaming (11/30/2022)

Altar Live’s work was featured in FaithTech’s Missional Tech Trend on Streaming. Emerging technologies are transforming how the Church advances the Gospel. FaithTech featured our work because of its innovative work with Streaming and ministry. Download the report from FaithTech’s website!

Streaming is just one method of digital distribution. There are numerous ways to get the Gospel message out to people, whether it’s video, audio, or text. Each approach shapes the Gospel message in different ways, with risks and benefits in every case. From livestreaming to hotspot broadcasting, from peer-to-peer file-sharing to physical distribution, Christians must understand how these systems will impact the communities they serve so they can spread the Gospel in a form and format that advances God’s mission.

FaithTech’s founder James Kelly says, “The organizations we found and featured in the Missional Tech Trends are true pioneers. They are carving new paths that will benefit the many early adopters who come after them.”

At Altar Live, we’ve chosen to engage and innovate in the world of Streaming, and as a result we are at the forefront of what’s happening in this space. As a leader in bridging the gap between faith and technology, FaithTech created the Missional Tech Trends to feature the work of innovative organizations like Altar Live. We’re proud of our efforts to help people connect with God through Streaming, and we’re grateful for our supporters who have caught the vision with us. 

Learn more about the larger world of Streaming in FaithTech’s report at

About Altar Live.

Altar Live is an online platform designed for faith communities to host interactive and engaging events and services. Our simple, intuitive platform gathers your people together online where they can worship together in watch parties, freely socialize at virtual tables together, and find private places to pray with each other.

About FaithTech’s Missional Tech Trends.

The Missional Tech Trends report on the latest emerging technologies and their impact and opportunities for Christian organizations. Discover how Christian ministries can leverage 18 cutting-edge technologies in the next 5 years. FaithTech is bridging the gap between faith and technology, empowering Christian technologists to innovate for the church, for the marginalized, and for the spread of the gospel. Learn more on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

At Altar Live, we make it our mission to provide the tools and resources churches need to maximize their online engagement.

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