Masterclass Online with Ecamm Live’s Doc Rock

We recently held a masterclass with Ecamm Live to talk about all the possibilities the come with pairing Ecamm Live with Altar Live.

Woah I love this! The interaction during a LIVE service is awesome for engagement and meeting NEW people”
“It’s like Ecamm married Zoom and made this Altar baby. Super cool” 
"​It’s so amazing to hear everything y’all are doing with Altar Live! Bringing the body together with excellence & simplicity."

These are just a few of the many comments from viewers while watching the Ecamm Live  + Altar Live Master Class. 

Hosted by Doc Rock with Altar Live CEO Stephanie Leathe and Content Manager Andy Mage, the Ecamm Live  + Altar Live Master Class took a deep dive into Altar Live and broke down all of the features that Altar Live and Ecamm Live provide when paired together. Here are some of the highlights:  

Altar Live + Ecamm = Community and Interaction 

During the show, Stephanie revealed that one of the biggest ways people are drawn to Altar Live is the level of interaction that happens before or after an event. When attendees join an Altar Live Event, they have the ability to join virtual watch parties by taking a seat in the rows below the livestream. People can talk, pray, and worship with each other  without disturbing the service. Attendees also have the ability to move to different rows and seats throughout the event. It provides so many opportunities to organically catch up with fellow church-goers. Event Hosts also have special privileges and can move everyone to the lobby without having to leave the platform.

“Now for those of you who keep sending people to Zoom links after an event, that’s over! This is a huge game changer because it means that you can keep everyone on the same link and send them into breakout Rooms where they can choose where they want to go and who they want to sit with.”

Altar Live specializes in making live stream church services interactive, engaging, and community-focused. Altar Live paired with Ecamm Live enhances engagement and encourages even more interaction through their simple and seamless platform. 

Learn more about Altar Live Events here

Going Live is Easier than Ever 

You can easily go live from Ecamm studio into Altar Live. 

Connect Ecamm directly with RTMP multi-stream to Youtube and Facebook. While Altar Live is the ultimate “one-stop shop” for all your live streaming needs, Ecamm brings live streaming to the next level. With Ecamm, you can create a high quality stream for your content.   

Some features Include: 
  • In-App Comments 
  • Advanced Overlays 
  • Web Widgets 
  • Animations 
  • Live Scheduling 
  • Remote Guests
  • And more!!! 
Learn more about Ecamm Live's abilities and features here.

Ecamm + Altar make the best Multi Stream Companion

Ecamm and Altar Live is the combination you didn’t know you needed!. When it comes to increasing your online event engagement, Ecamm and Altar Live is a game-changer. You can share your screen, and audio share, add animations, bring people on stage from your audience on Altar, and switch between live and pre-recorded content. You can even connect Ecamm to Altar with Custom RTMP. 

With Altar Live + Ecamm You can: 
  • Go live from Ecamm studio into Altar Live 
  • Switch between live and pre-recorded videos 
  • Use Overlays & Effects 
  • Bring guests on stage 
  • Multi stream out to Facebook and YouTube from Altar

Watch the full masterclass to learn more about why Altar Live and Ecamm Live are the perfect live streaming pair!