Altar Live: An Essential Online Resource

Recently, Angela Craig, founder of Pursuit Church Live, author of three books including: Online Jesus: A Guide to Community, Discipleship, and Care Online, and friend of Altar Live, included us as one of her top church online resources. Here’s what she had to say: 

“I love to share resources to help you with your church’s online ministry. Here are a few you don’t want to miss.

Altar Live (New Tech)

Altar Live is an online church platform designed for faith communities to stream and host interactive and engaging events and services. Our simple, intuitive platform gathers your people together online where they can worship together in watch parties, freely socialize at virtual tables together, and find private places to pray with each other. Try a free Altar Live Demo today. You will love it!” 

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If you want to hear more from Angela's Altar Live experience, she joined us few months ago to talk about the “First Look” at Altar Live. Watch below!

If you are looking for a platform to engage your community online, take a look at what Altar is doing. It’s a way to build community and not just stream your services. - Angela Craig