What is Altar Live?

Altar Live is an online church platform designed for faith communities to stream and host interactive and engaging events and services. Our simple, intuitive platform gathers your people together online where they can worship together in watch parties, freely socialize at virtual tables together, and find private places to pray with each other.

While online church services, and digital churches are an expanding phenomenon that continues to captivate attendees across the globe, it brings up the questions: how do we foster that much-needed community and go deep with fellow attendees?  How can we make online church services more than just a screen? 

This is where Altar Live comes in. Altar Live was designed specifically for churches with a mission to maintain the deep engagement that a live church service provides. Our platform specializes in making live stream church services interactive, engaging, and community-focused. 

We were able to take the best from YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, and Church Online and create a one-stop platform that not only provides a seamless livestream, but also encourages engagement and interpersonal relationships. With Altar Live, online church services are more than just a screen. You are able to see people’s faces, worship and pray with fellow attendees, and meet people you wouldn’t normally encounter during an in-person service.

Some may be hesitant to switch to a fully virtual church service, but Altar Live is dedicated to working with churches to create a space that serves the church and its community. We want people to see each other’s faces and form relationships. Here are few benefits that come with using Altar Live for your streaming church services: 

Further & More Meaningful Reach:

With no barriers to entry, Altar makes it easy to invite your next door neighbor or friend from across the country. Joining an event as a first-time visitor is less intimidating than a big Zoom video conference session of strangers and more welcoming than a one-way Facebook stream. Easily engage newcomers online and make them feel welcome and known in your community. A single viewing of a church service on Altar Live can reach worldwide. With our Altar Live features, solely having in-person service is limiting. A virtual church service using Altar Live has the ability to bring people from all over the world together in community. 

"Altar Live has created a digital platform that puts community first. That’s a huge value for us at FaithTech, and we saw Altar Live deliver on it. They’ve uniquely combined church live streaming and personal interactions unlike any other platform I’ve seen. They go beyond broadcasting the church service and make the personal connections and shared experiences possible again. During the Pandemic and beyond, Altar Live should be every church’s go-to digital platform." - Adam, FaithTech

Host all Your Online Events in One Place:

Use Altar Live 7 days a week - small groups, prayer meetings, or social gatherings can all be hosted on the same platform. No more sending people different links for different platforms. With so many use cases, Altar is a tool for dynamic community building and discipleship.

“Our church is a highly relational place.
Altar Live brings back what we have been missing online.” - Garfield Harvey, Livingwater Church

People Stay Longer & Want to Come Back:

Overcome digital fatigue with a new and more organic way of gathering online. This is not your average live stream event. People stay longer on events where they are personally engaged with not just the content, but other people in the event. And the best part? People come back to events where they feel known and seen. We also strive to meet everyone's comfort level.Attendees have the agency to take a seat and interact with other attendees or remain anonymous. There is less pressure and no obligation. Using Altar Live for your online church service will make people feel welcome and allow hesitant congregants feel more comfortable and in control.

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Altar Live is the best software for live streaming. Our intuitive platform brings an enhanced level of engagement to your online church services that will inspire and encourage deep, virtual, connection.

Altar Live is a live streaming platform and the best way to stream your online church services. 

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