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Altar Live Academy: Online Engagement

A training & workshop series to help you grow your digital ministry and engage people effectively online. Do more than just stream church - learn how to build community & disciple online.

Starting Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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Why Altar Academy?

Engaging people online can seem daunting... we've been there too!

This interactive learning experience will equip you with everything you need to create a digital ministry strategy and engage your people online. If you're asking yourself these questions, then Altar Academy is for you:

  • Our church wants to be online... but we don’t know where to start.
  • How can we do more than just streaming? I want to actually engage people in conversation, prayer, and life together. 
  • How do I disciple people and build authentic relationships online?
  • I need a plan and strategy for the long haul.

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Do more than watch church

What will you learn?

Build a comprehensive plan

Define your mission & vision, build a strategy, and outline a roadmap.

Invest in the right tools

Know exactly which tools you need to get started & get trained on how to use them.

Uncover your unique opportunities
& challenges

With our self-paced tools, assessments, & personalized consulting sessions, you can get your whole team on the same page.

Build relationships & be inspired by others with similar vision

Connect with other forward-thinking churches.


Meet Your Instructors!

Kirk Nugent

Kirk is a sought-after public speaker, leadership coach, and host of YouTube Channel "How it all Werks", tackling the intersection of technology & leadership. He teaches churches how to simplify live video mechanics to build their community and think holistically about their relationship to technology.

Stephanie Leathe

Stephanie is the CEO and Founder of Altar Live. With a background in Christian higher education and entrepreneurship, Stephanie is passionate about the intersection of faith, culture, and innovation. She has spent the last year helping over 1,300 churches learn how to do more than watch church online.

Andy Mage

Andy is a digital pastor at Bay Hope Church (Greater Northdale, Florida) and community manager for Altar Live. He's been building online community long before it was "cool", and excited to help other churches get started online.
Do more than watch church

The Future of Online Engagement

Reach more people, more meaningfully

Learn how to use our platform to easily engage newcomers online and make them feel welcome and known in your community. With no barriers to entry, Altar makes it easy to Invite your next door neighbor or a friend on the other side of the country.

People stay longer & want to come back

Overcome digital fatigue with a new and more organic way of gathering online. This is not your average live stream event. People stay longer on events where they are personally engaged with not just the content, but other people in the event. And the best part? People come back to events where they feel known and seen.

Host all your online events in one place

With so many use cases, Altar is a tool for dynamic community building and discipleship. Use Altar Live 7 days a week - small groups, prayer meetings, or social gatherings can all be hosted on the same platform. No more sending people different links for different platforms.

"Altar is easy to get started and to get people to start using. My ministry excels greatly with this software and we plan on using it for years to come."

Jen S. - Christ Digital Church

Everything you need for success

What do I get?

We know building an online community can seem overwhelming. That is why we don't just provide you software. Our consultants and experts come along side you to build a plan and strategy for your online community - for now and the future.

6 Months of Altar Live Subscription

• Subscription up to 70 Members.
All our features, including watch parties, lobby, and hospitality team.
Early access to all future features

4 Workshops on Creating Digital Ministry Strategy

4 Workshops on Creating Digital Ministry Strategy. Worksheets, planning exercises and PDF resource downloads.

Live Coaching Sessions

Create an organizational game plan for doing church and discipleship online with expert consultants and digital pastors, like Kirk Nugent.

Technical Training & Onboarding

Don't stress about the technology. Our support team will run training sessions for your entire team until you feel confident and equipped on the platform.

8am - 10pm EST Customer Support

The button on the bottom corner is your access to our team. Press that anytime to see that our regular response time is just 5 minutes!

Connect with other churches

Connect alongside a cohort of other forward-thinking churches in an online discussion forum with other participants.


Start Engaging Your People Online Today!

We have supported hundreds of people just like you. We're excited to help you build authentic online relationships and reach your community online.


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Academy registration only.

Discount Package

Academy + Discounted Altar Live Subscription to get up and running fast!



20% Discount on Academy
+ 10% Discount on Altar Subscription
6 months Altar Live Premium Plan (70 MAUs) + Altar Academy


Basic live stream feed, chat & direct messaging features.





Basic live stream feed, chat & direct messaging features.





Basic live stream feed, chat & direct messaging features.





Basic live stream feed, chat & direct messaging features.

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For larger groups of churches and their teams participating together in a cohort.



20% Discount on Academy
+ 20% Discount on Altar Subscription
6 months Altar Live Premium Plan (70 MAUs) + Altar Academy


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Altar Academy?

Altar Academy offers four weeks of online training and consultation through four workshops (which are recorded and made available on-demand), PDF resource worksheets, and at least two hours of individual consulting with a digital ministry coach. In addition, included in Altar Academy are onboarding sessions with the Altar Live team, a 6-month subscription to Altar Live up to 70 members, and the ability to interact in an online discussion forum with other participants.

Are the Altar Live sessions live or on-demand?

A mixture of both. All live sessions will be recorded as well so you can watch as a team on your own time. You’ll have access to everything in the Altar Academy course for your specific cohort for 30 days after the four-week program is complete, and ongoing access to all Altar Live training courses.

What if I want to add someone from my team after I start Altar Academy?

You can definitely add more participants from your team or church after your cohort launches. Contact us and we will help register additional participants.

What platform with Altar Academy be on?

We’ll be using the Altar Live platform for the live virtual gatherings! Everything else in the program (on-demand sessions, downloads, discussion forum) will be on our online course platform. The Altar team will get you a login that will give you access to everything you need to maximize your Altar Academy experience.

How will I be billed?

When you register for Altar Academy, you will be billed for the cost of the Academy and your 6-month subscription (up to 150 members). After your first 6-months of Altar Live, your billing for your Altar Live Engagement Platform subscription will change to monthly billing. If you exceed 150 members during the first 6 months, you will be prorated.