Altar Live Christmas Guide

With the Holiday season approaching, why not take this opportunity to offer your community a new way to engage with your church online? Whether it be a virtual Women’s Christmas Breakfast, or the long awaited Christmas Eve service, Altar Live is the perfect place to keep your attendees engaged, connected, and active. 

Here are some ideas of types of Events you could Host on Altar Live:

More Events For the Advent Season

  • Christmas Movie Night with Talkback
  • Four Sundays of Advent Evening Service
  • Jesse Tree Story Hour 
  • Women’s Christmas Breakfast 
  • Christmas Pageant 
  • Christmas Eve Service
  • Christmas Party for Staff and Members
  • Christmas Wrapping Party 
  • Christmas Ornament Craft Day
  • Operation Christmas Child Box Assembling Event 

Engagement Ideas for Host & Greeters

Here is a helpful Host and Greeter guide for all your holiday festivities. 

So, how can Hosts and Greeters maintain engagement, encourage participation, and get everyone into the Christmas spirit? 

In the Auditorium 


In an Altar Live Event, Rows function like watch parties where attendees can watch the live or prerecorded video-stream. As we enter the Holiday season, watch parties are perfect for Christmas services and Events.  Here are a few ideas for rows 

Candlelit Service

 Each row will have their cameras on and lights off with a candle burning during the service. 

Carol Sing

While you live stream your choir or worship team, encourage rows to keep their microphones on so each watch party has their own joyful carol sing. 

Secret Santa

Within each row assign each person to someone to pray for or send a note of encouragement. 


Christmas Decoration Contest 

Within each row, challenge each attendee to decorate their space so when cameras are on, attendees are greeted with a winter wonderland, Santa’s workshop, or a Christmas tree farm! - No virtual or store bought backgrounds allowed! 

Welcome Message 

In any service the welcome message is always a crucial part. It is the first thing people see when they log on to an Altar Live Event. The message is meant to make people feel comfortable, welcomed, and seen. As Hosts and greeters, your goal is to make people feel like they are a part of the church community no matter where they are or how many times they have attended your church. 

As the Christmas season approaches, this gives you an opportunity to welcome attendees with a message that will help them prepare their heart for the advent season or add a dash of holiday fun. 

Welcome Message Templates: 

“Welcome to Faith Church. We are so glad you are here today! Before the service, take this time to get your cup of coffee, mingle with people in the rows, and read Isaiah 11:1-5 as you prepare for the Advent season.” 

“Hello Everyone! We are so thankful you have joined us today. While you’re waiting, take a seat, greet someone in your row, and send your Christmas movie recommendations in the chat! The service will begin soon. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! The countdown to Christmas has begun! Feel free to take a seat, grab your cup of coffee. If you are new or have any questions send us a question in the chat or ask our greeters. 


Use announcements throughout the service to alert attendees of important messages. Announcements can be more effective than the chat and there are few styles to choose from. 

Announcement can be used to 

  • Alert attendees about the service structure
  • Ask for Christmas Donations 
  • Prepare them before moving the whole Event to the Lobby
  • Remind people of upcoming events 


In the Event space, the use for Polls is endless. They are great for getting a consensus on certain decisions and a perfect way to get people to engage with each other. It may seem simple, but light, fun questions will encourage people to participate and connect with each other.

Poll Ideas 

  • What is your favorite Christmas Movie? (Give choices) 
  • Are you Team Animated or Jim Carrey Grinch? 
  • Favorite Christmas Song? 
  • Which do you prefer: Caroling or Ice Skating?
  • Do you have the three wise men in your Nativity scene? 
  • Would you rather: Christmas in Hawaii or Snowy Vermont? 
  • What part of the Christmas story resonates with you the most? (Angels singing to the Shepherds, Mary treasuring everything in her heart, No room in at the Inn, etc.

In the Lobby 

There are many places to congregate and mingle in the Lobby of an Altar Live Event. Here are some ways to use the Lobby for all your Christmas gatherings 

Uses for Tables 

Poll Palooza

Send out a poll and create tables named after the answers. Once people vote, have them move to the table and watch the discussion unfold! 

Cookie Decorating 

BYOF- Bring your own Frosting! Send cookies to the community and gather with friends and family at tables for a night of cookie-decorating fun!

Advent Prayer and Contemplation 

Advent is a time of waiting and contemplation. Gather at tables for time of reflection, prayer, and encouragement. 

Hot Cocoa Social- For Kids & Adults! 

Brew some cocoa, get in your favorite jammies and mingle from table to table for a time of cozy conversation. Close out the event with a devotional in the Event space or in a Room.

Rooms & Meetings

Christmas Trivia Night 

Use Video & Audio share to stump your attendees by playing Christmas music from your Spotify account or play short clips from classic Christmas movies for an awesome trivia night!

Christmas Story Hour 

If you want a more interactive experience, try having a Christmas Story hour in rooms! Perfect for families and the children-at-hearts. Pose discussion questions and save time for journaling and reflection.

Books Perfect for Read-aloud: 

Christmas Party 

Gather with your team, friends, and family in Rooms and celebrate the season. Rooms fit up to 500 people and have video and audio share for party music, videos, slideshows and more! 

Christmas Readers Theater

Pick a classic Christmas story and assign people sections to read or characters to play for an entertaining and interactive event. You can even adapt stories into a short script or write your own Christmas adventure!