How to Make A Virtual Interactive Church Service

As most churches have switched to online platforms, there is always the question of how to make virtual church services more interactive. How can we foster a community and make this virtual church service more interactive? This question is valid and we are here to help! Here are a few ways you can make your virtual church service even more interactive. 

1. Utilize chat:

One most streaming platforms, including Altar Live, have the chat feature which allows public and private chats. While private chats are a great way to communicate with friends, using public chat can bring more people together in community during a virtual church service. Before the church service, you could even take time to write a message to the congregation: “Hello from the Smith’s!” or “Who’s excited about the game today?” These messages not only break the ice, but encourage people to respond and engage with the community.


2. Have Skilled Greeters:

Entrusting members to be greeters for your virtual church service is an essential part of making the service flow well. If people are nervous to utilize chat or participate in the service, the greeters save the day. They will not only welcome people, but answer questions, and even be active in the chat to encourage participation. 

3. Mingle/ Pass the Peace:

A great way to mingle during a virtual church service is to take time to pass the peace. This can be done over chat or on Altar Live, it can be done in the rows or watch parties. It can allow face-to-face interaction that we all need. 

4. Watch parties:

On some streaming platforms, like Altar Live, you can have watch parties with fellow congregants during the virtual church service. This allows community gatherings, discussion about the sermon, and even prayer meetings. Face-to-face connection is so important and if a streaming platform offers it, use it to your advantage! 

5. Online Prayer:

Altar Live offers a lobby section where people are free to gather, chat, and commune. One great way to use these tables is to have online prayer. It is hard to facilitate prayer over chat, but the tables work beautifully. You can have a group prayer session or meet with someone one-on-one.

Hopefully these tips can encourage churches to get more creative when it comes to making a virtual church service even more interactive. Community is valuable and we need human connection. While it may seem difficult to gather in community online, it is possible and impactful.