How To Start A Virtual Church

Develop A Church Strategy

It is important to figure out the goals you need for yourself and your community. What is the overall purpose of starting your virtual church? What do you hope to achieve? In the startup world companies either choose growth or stability. Do you want to focus on getting as many members as possible? Or are you interested in a slow, methodical, and fruitful relationship with each member. There is no wrong answer - but you must decided because the next section will determine your fate.

Choose the Right Platform

Choosing Facebook is the easy, 2016 answer. People are already on Facebook so you can just invite them, advertise to them, and talk to them in messenger. Surely, this will help you grow your online church - but will you feel engaged with the members you attract? The second option is to use the Church Online Platform which will help you connect with each member through chat, prayer, and dedicated virtual church features designed for your mission. If you choose this path, you need a website to support the inbound and explain all your interactive church services you offer. Plus, you will need to purchase Zoom to interact with your members one-on-one or in small church groups because after all - you built this virtual church for engagement! Let them engage!

There is a third option. Altar Live is a platform that combines Facebook, Zoom, and Church Online to one easy to use engagement platform. The free features alone replace Church Online and Facebook and with the release of "community pages" Altar Live is a one-stop Virtual Campus for your online community.

Build Your Team

One thing is for sure, you cannot do this alone. You are going to need a team to help with all the different components of building a virtual church. The great thing about faith is that volunteers always have the heart to help. If your online church offers a space for praying, chatting, and community then those volunteers will be willing to assist in your mission. So be bold, be brave, and be decisive! Invest in your team and help them understand how to use the platform you created and how you want the rest of the members to experience God.

Start Spreading The Word

There is no better place to start then reading Online Jesus by Angela Craig. Here is an explanation on what to expect:

In the Early Church, people came together daily in houses. Today, people are coming together on social media. We cannot afford to miss the enormous opportunity to reach the “crowd” that exists online for God’s kingdom. Social networks have become the front door to faith for those who will not or cannot attend a brick-and-mortar church. And for those in your church already living out their faith, online groups expand their opportunity for daily discipleship, service to others, communal prayer, and building deep personal connections. Widening the scope of your church to include the 24/7 online community creates both a great potential for ministry and significant challenges. Through the guidance and straightforward tips offered in Online Jesus, you can efficiently and effectively utilize social media to enhance your ability to serve God and love others in your community and beyond.