Reasons for Having a Church Streaming Service

People often wonder why having a church streaming service is helpful. It is understandable that some audiences may be hesitant to make the switch from in-person church to having an online church service. However, there are many churches that have successfully either made the switch or include a virtual option. Here are a few of many reasons why you should have a church streaming service. 

1. Wider Audience:

By having a church streaming service you will be able to have a much bigger audience than in-person. You won’t have to worry about being at max-capacity or people not being able to find open seats. Having a church streaming service allows so much more flexibility when it comes to audience numbers. 

2. Building Community:

There are numerous ways having a church streaming service serves the community. While some people may argue that having a virtual church service will only attract a younger generation, church streaming services are actually cross-generational and serve many different demographics. 

Far reach: A single viewing of a church streaming service can reach worldwide. With the technology we have, solely having in-person service is limiting. A church streaming service has the ability to bring people from all over the world together in community. 

Youth Connection: With a church streaming service, you will now be able to serve the youth even more than before. It is no secret that young people are very technically inclined and enjoy virtual gatherings. Having a church streaming service will encourage young people to attend services and even participate in church events. 

Serving those at home: For various reasons, sometimes people cannot leave their home to attend an in-person church service. But, if a church streaming service is offered, the homebound can easily attend and participate. 

Welcoming Fringe congregants: Joining any community can be nerve-wracking. Committing to a church can be challenging, but what if there was a way to get a feel for a church without going to the building? With a church streaming service, fringe or new congregants can try out the church without fully committing to the community. There is less pressure and no obligation. A church streaming service will make hesitant congregants feel comfortable and in control. 

3. Cost Effective:

Some may not know that having a church streaming service is incredibly cost-effective. To have a successful service, you only need basic equipment. A majority of streaming platforms are inexpensive and easy to use. 

Having a church streaming service should not daunt you. There are so many benefits and with a few simple steps, you can easily create and host an engaging and meaningful online church service. If you want a step-by-step guide check out this getting started support article