Joining watch parties

Anastasia Zadvornykh

Anastasia Zadvornykh

Last Updated:
December 15, 2020

Watch Party is a way for people to watch a live feed service or event together in real time. Once an online participant joins a Watch Party, participants can watch videos, live or recorded, and talk and hear one another over the audio of the video.

What can people do in a watch party?

Here are all the actions online participants can currently do in a watch party:

Actions anonymous participants (people who are not logged in) can do during a live event:

  • Anonymous participants can't participate in watch parties without signing up or logging in.

Actions logged-in participants can do during watch parties:

  • Join or leave a watch party freely
  • Turn on their microphone and camera
  • Mute/unmute themselves
  • Search for other people online in the Member list
  • Chat with other online participants
  • Find someone on screen (coming December 2020)
  • Invite someone to join your watch party(coming December 2020)

How do watch parties work?

  • Online participants must be logged in to use watch parties
  • Participants can feely join and leave watch parties
  • Join a watch party by clicking on a seat in a row
  • Participants are automatically muted when they join a watch party
  • When participants talk over the live stream video, their video volume decreases while they are talking (Coming December 2020)
  • Participants can mute each other in watch parties (Coming December 2020)

Join watch party

Step 1: Join an event.

Step 2: Click any pew to join a watch party with those seated there

Step 3: If you haven't already, log in or sign up.

Step 4: You can turn on/off your camera, microphone and sound of the people in Watch party using the controls at the bottom panel.

Leave a seat

To leave a seat, all you need is to click on the hangup button in the Watch party view

Search for someone to join

You can search for a specific person to sit with by searching for them in the Member tab or scrolling through the list.

Step 1: Click on the Members tab in the right side bar.

Step 2: Search for the person you're looking by typing in their name to the search text field. You can also scroll the list to find someone. Online participants who are already at a table will appear in the "Already seated" category. If they are online, but not seated at a table or in private mode, they will appear under "Not seated, but open to join".

Note: You can also hover over someone's icon on screen to see their full name appear.

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