Panel Discussion Event Template

Bethany Ruggerio

Bethany Ruggerio

Last Updated:
September 22, 2022

Panel Discussion (Event)


Description: A virtual panel discussion using Altar’s features to engage your community.

Type: Event

Stream Source: Existing Stream (learn how to connect your existing stream) or RTMP.



Repeat - None


Assign greeters and hosts to run the event

Customize your automated greeter message

Add any notes you want your hosts to have

Who Can Join:

Public - Anyone


Live video - find out how to connect your feed here


Add welcome and announcement slides

Set up Your Space:

Auditorium - On (where your main event will happen)

Lobby with tables - Off

Lobby with rooms - On 

  • Add Rooms: One for each panelist

Note:  Be sure your panelists have access to the stream, either as hosts or attendees.  This way, they can access the chat messages during the stream, and use the rooms after the main event.

Event Flow


Greeters/Hosts Arrive

Welcome early attendees

Announce that there will be discussion rooms with the panelists after the event

  • Title: “Discussion Rooms”
  • Text: “There will be a lobby discussion rooms with each of the panelists after the main discussion.  Stick around!”


Introduce the panelists

Invite attendees to ask questions in the chat for the panelists

  •  If the event is large, assign one host/greeter to pick out the best questions from the general chat to ask the panelists in a private group chat.

Announce that the panelists are taking questions from the chat

  • Title: “Have a question for our panelists?”
  • Text: “Have a question?  Post it in the chat!”

Resend the discussion room announcement


Move everyone to the lobby

Allow for 5-10 minutes of buffer time for panelists to join

Engage attendees with polls

  • Title:  “What did you think?”
  • Text: “What did you think about today’s panel”
  • Option 1: “I would like to learn more about the panelists”
  • Option 2: “I would be interested in attending a similar event”
  • Option 3: “This discussion wasn’t for me”
  • Option 4: “I feel like I gained valuable information from this discussion”

Get conversations about the discussion started in chat

Help everyone find the right room

Encourage attendees to join discussion rooms

  • Have hosts/greeters reach out to wallflowers
  • Have at least one greeter responsible for helping people find rooms

End event (manually) after 30 min - 1 hour.

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