What is Altar?


Stephanie Antonucci Leathe

July 30, 2020

Altar is a two-way live streaming and video-conferencing app built for churches. With Altar, it's easy to make any service, event, or meeting hybrid, where people are synchronously participating in the same event both online and in-person. People online get the same experience as people in-person without any extra work. You can bring presenters into a live stream event from anywhere, easily toggle between video and audio feeds, and push out video and slides to both in-person and online viewers at the same time. Altar allows your church events to remain accessible, but secure.

How Altar Works

Altar is a cloud-based platform that delivers reliable, quality audio and video over the internet.

Watching an event. People can watch an event with one-click on a browser or via the Altar app, or they can call into an event with our Zoom integration to listen to the event audio. People watching can chat with one another in 1:1, small group, and public message channels, send reactions, and see slides side-by-side the video feed.

Presenting in an event. Altar captures video through our app on a browser or mobile device, and feeds it to the producer tablet over the internet. Preachers, readers, worship leaders, and announcers can take part from anywhere.

Producing an event. Using the producer app on a tablet, a person can control video and audio feeds, toggle camera views, and control the slides. Video and audio is recorded and downloadable after the event ends.

Creating events & meetings. On Altar you can also host video-conference meetings with active speaker mode. Anyone can be given permissions to create or start an event or meeting using the app platform -- tech team and pastoral staff for weekly Sunday service; leaders for small groups and prayer groups; and individuals for 1:1 meetings.

Learn more about roles & permissions in Altar, and how to get started as a member.