How to Write An Engaging Church Welcome Letter 

Ever felt important when receiving a follow-up email or letter specifically curated for you?

It's the small thoughtful gestures that go the distance in delivering a personal touch. Differences like these can create a strong first impression for first-time visitors. A follow-up welcome letter is important for churches because it works to set the tone of belonging and warmth in your community, ultimately shaping the worship experience for your visitors.

Chances are if you're writing a church welcome letter to newcomers, they've already taken the time to fill out a connection card, listen to your church welcome speeches, read your email or even respond to them. They've taken the time and given your their trust by providing their address, email address, or other additional information. They've taken the time to give you everything you need to welcome them through a personal church follow-up.

When sending a letter to first-time visitors, Writing a Church welcome letter may seem like a daunting task. But don't overthink it! Remember: Just a simple welcome can go a long way.

For someone who has not visited a Church in years, a lengthy or vaguely written letter can be intimidating - or confusing at best. Placing too much stress on coming back for a second visit may also make the Church look bad - attending a service should be something people do without any pressure.

So, how can you write an engaging church welcome letter? Let's walk through step by step how to write a church welcome letter.

7 Tips to Write an Engaging Church Welcome Letter

‍What to include in a church welcome letter

1. Brevity: Be Concise

Always keep the follow-up letter short. Remember that you're not writing a newsletter or an article.

It's a Church Welcome Letter for someone who is visiting your church for the first time. You don't want to leave a too pushy impression. Making sure you're straight and to the point can help communicate a warm welcome to newcomers.‍

2. Attention to Detail: Invest in Quality Envelopes

What do you do when you open your mailbox? How it works is you open the most appealing envelope first! Invest in good-quality envelopes or stationery that align with your Church mission and brand. Or be sure to add a letterhead to your word document. With colors and a Church stamp to seal the envelope, your personally written letter can leave a very good impression.

3. Personalization: Address the Recipient Directly

Address the recipient personally to make sure they know your letter is directed to them. They shouldn't be left with the impression that the letter is a general template used for first-time visitors. Such wording will leave the letter lying on the table without any promise of your visitor revisiting.

A Church Welcome Letter Example: ‍

Dear Mr. Paul,

We're so pleased to have you take the time to visit our church community….

💡 Tip: To add another personal touch, hand sign (or hand write) the letters! Or, enter a picture of a signature in the word document.

4. Warmth: Make the Recipient Feel Important

The tone of the whole letter should be you-oriented, focused on the recipient. It should make the visitor feel important and welcome to be a part of the Church community even if they have only visited once.

Those who are new to church are looking for a place of belonging, a church home where they can be seen and known. Feeling special can make visitors feel their first-time visit to church was worthwhile. The purpose of the church welcome letter is to allow visitors to connect and see that your church is a place where they can feel welcome and belong.

A Church Welcome Letter Example:

"...I'm glad you were able to attend and found your visit to be inspiring, meaningful, and even challenging. It was incredible of you to take out some time for your spiritual peace…"

5. Ways to Engage: Add Social Media Links/Handles

The best follow-up letter always has links and information to important social media platforms. By leaving your social media links, you're inviting them to have a look over your profile. It's a great way to engage your visitors in your online community.

‍A Church Welcome Letter Example:

"...If you want to know more about us, here is the link [Add website link] to our website for detailed information…"

💡 Tip: Add your social media links and contact information in announcements during an online service. Announcements can help first-time visitors follow-up after the service.

6. Ways to Connect: Add Contact Details

You have to leave your contact details like cell phone number and email address for your visitor. It's a great way for the church leadership and congregation to stay connected with anyone who wants to reach out personally. It also welcomes your visit to ask any questions or share feedback by having the feeling of connection with the church administration.

A Church Welcome Letter Example:

"We're always there for you if you have any queries, suggestions, complaints, and feedback for us.

[Pastor Name]

[Pastor's Contact Number]"

7. Follow-up: Leave a Question

Lastly, try to ask a question that has a basic answer. This leaves the ball in the visitor's court when you end a Church Welcome Letter with a question. Ask them about their visit and how they felt about the entire service. A strong welcome follow-up can initiate a response and that's what we're trying here.

💡 Tip: Ask questions in online church services by using the polls or announcement templates.

5 Major Don'ts While Writing a Church Welcome Letter

1. Avoid the Church Lingo in the letter as it can make them confuse and uninterested as a first-time visitor. Remember, this is someone who has started coming to Church for a long time.

2. Don't pressure the visitors to come back again. If they have started this on their own, they don't want to feel enforced for another visit.

3. Avoid long and unnecessary information in the follow-up letter. The information on church history or upcoming events can be seen on your website as well.

4. Avoid copy-pasted welcome templates. They are boring and never promise a response.

5. Don't write lengthy follow-up letters. This is a first time visit! They don't need to know every detail of what you're doing currently at the Church.

Sample for Church Welcome Letter

Hello Ruth,

We're so glad you joined us this Sunday! It was so incredible of you to take some time out for your inner peace. We'd love for you to learn more about us at our website: [Add website here]. You can also connect to our Facebook, Youtube, and Podcast through our website.

We would love to send you a gift for the courage you showed at the service that was inspiring, fun, and even challenging. Could we know your postal address to send that?

Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be there for you.

Pastor Name

Church Name

Pastor Contact Number

Be impactful in writing a Church Visitor letter. Your one act of thoughtfulness can help the visitor directed back to you.

Are you sending follow-ups to your visitors? Is it helping to make them revisit again? If not, this is the time to change your follow-up strategy.

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