Top 5 Church Event Registration Tools 2024

At church, every season brings new exciting activities: the start of new small groups, vacation bible school or Christmas and Easter services... each season welcomes special events and activities. But from juggling church-wide activities, programs and outreaches, church events planning often involves more than a few moving parts.

Technology has become an integral part of every aspect of our lives, including managing church events and operations. This is true for church leaders as well. As churches strive to stay organized and efficient, they are turning to church event registration software to streamline their processes.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 church registration tools for 2024. First, we'll explore if using these solutions might be right for your church. Then, we'll take a moment to discuss their potential to help congregations manage their events, members, and resources more effectively.

Church Event Management in 2024

In the digital age, managing church activities often requires more than just pen and paper. Church registration tools have proven to be a powerful tool to help church event planners stay organized, enhance communication, and foster community engagement. Let's dive into why this technology may be helpful for churches.

Does my church need an event registration tool?

Why are you considering an event registration software? Is your church planning a conference, a multi-site event? A seminar or outreach program? As you plan your event ask yourself these questions:

What is the size and nature of the event?

  • What type of event will you be hosting? Is it a small gathering or a large conference?
  • Will there be different sessions or activities within the event?

Do you need to track attendance and gather participant information?

  • Are you required to maintain records for attendees?
  • Do you want to collect information like names, contact details, and any special requirements?

Is there a need for online registration and payment processing?

  • Will attendees need to register in advance, or can they simply show up?
  • Do you want to offer online payment options for tickets, donations, or merchandise?

Do you want to streamline communication with attendees?

  • Will you need to send event updates, reminders, or important information to registered participants?

Is it essential to limit event capacity or manage resources effectively?

  • Do you need to cap attendance to ensure a safe and comfortable experience?
  • Will you provide resources like materials, seats, or food that require planning?

Are you interested in tracking attendance for specific sessions or workshops within the event?

  • Do you need to allocate resources based on session preferences?
  • Will you provide different registration options for various parts of the event?

Do you want to have a database of past event attendees for future communication?

  • Are you interested in building a community and maintaining relationships with past attendees?

Is it important to have a streamlined check-in process at the event venue?

  • Do you want to reduce long lines and wait times for attendees?

Will you be offering different pricing tiers or discounts for the event?

  • Do you need a system that can handle variable pricing based on factors like age, membership status, or early registration?

Do you want to make the registration process as user-friendly as possible?

  • Are you looking for a tool that offers a smooth and intuitive registration experience for attendees?

Are there any legal or compliance requirements related to event registration?

  • Do you need to comply with data protection regulations, tax laws, or other legal considerations?

Is there a budget for implementing an event registration tool?

  • Are you willing to invest in a tool that can streamline the event management process?

Why churches implement event registration tools

Church registration software offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Streamlined Event Management: Planning and organizing events become seamless with software that allows you to create, promote, and manage events all in one place.
  • Efficient Member Management: Keep track of your congregation's details, such as attendance, contact information, and involvement in church activities.
  • Secure Data Storage: Safeguard sensitive information like financial records and personal data with robust security features.
  • Enhanced Communication: Connect with your members through emails, newsletters, and announcements to keep them informed and engaged.
  • Online Giving: Facilitate easy and secure online donations, making it convenient for members to support the church financially.
🗒 Note: For church streaming services, using church software integrations can be a powerful way to engage with your community. Having better insight into analytics will offer better guidance on next steps in maximizing interactions with attendees.

Features to Look for in Church Registration Software

When choosing church registration software, it's crucial to consider the following features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensure the software is easy to use for both administrators and members.
  • Event Registration: The software should allow easy event creation, registration, and ticketing.
  • Member Database: Maintain a comprehensive database of your congregation.
  • Communication Tools: Effective communication features like email marketing and SMS notifications.
  • Financial Management: Track donations, budgets, and expenses seamlessly.

Top 5 Church Registration Software for 2024

Now, let's explore the top 5 church registration software options for 2024:


ChurchSuite is an all-in-one church management software that offers features for event management, member tracking, communication, and more. Its intuitive interface makes it a favorite among churches of all sizes.

Breeze ChMS

Breeze ChMS provides a cloud-based solution for churches, offering tools for managing members, events, and finances. It's known for its user-friendly approach and robust features.

Planning Center

Planning Center is a versatile software that caters to various aspects of church ministry, including worship planning, member management, and event registration. specializes in online giving and donation management, making it an excellent choice for churches looking to simplify their financial processes.


EventBrite is an online platform for event planning, ticket sales, and promotion, catering to a wide range of event types and organizers.

Choosing the Right Event Registration Platform and Software Integrations

Selecting the right software for your church depends on your specific needs, budget, and the size of your congregation. Consider conducting trials or requesting demos to find the best fit.

Using an online church platform like Altar Live allows for integrations with various church management software. Don't end engagement at event registration. Use the interactive features of Altar alongside registration software for the best results.

Benefits of Using Church Registration Platform

Using church registration software can lead to:

  • Increased efficiency in administrative tasks helps to save time.
  • Improved member engagement and communication.
  • Better financial management and transparency.
  • Enhanced event planning and promotion.

Best Practices for Implementing Church Registration Software for a Successful Event

To maximize the benefits of your chosen software, follow these best practices:

  • Provide training to your staff and volunteers.
  • Regularly update your software to access the latest features.
  • Encourage members to use the software for event registration and communication.

Case Studies: Integrating Event Registration Tools and Live streaming for churches

Speaking to churches using platforms such as Brushfire's virtual event software, we saw it only provided an online live stream. Instead, integration with Altar Live took things a step further, creating engagement with church members.

While registration software can be helpful in church event management, it lacks real engagement. Integrating registration with a separate online church platform allows for real, personal engagement. Church event software like Altar Live are ideal for this. Altar creates a space for engagement on both a weekly basis in church services and groups, as well as in larger events like conferences and church-wide seminar events.


In conclusion, church registration software is a valuable tool for modern congregations. Integrating these tools with the right online church software has the potential to fully enhance your online or hybrid events and conferences from a simple broadcast to a fully engaging and interactive experience.

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Are church event registration tools suitable for small churches?

  • Yes, many registration software options are scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of small churches and large churches alike.

Can I use church registration software for online worship services?

  • Many registration software tools offer features for streaming and managing online events. Online church platforms like Altar Live also allow you to schedule future events and share a landing page link. This helps spread the work for weekly services and creates potential for event marketing for larger scale events.

Is my data safe with church registration software?

  • Most registration software providers prioritize data security and employ robust encryption measures.

Do these software options offer customer support?

  • Yes, most church registration software providers offer customer support to assist with any issues or questions.

Can I integrate registration software with our church website?

  • Many registration software solutions offer website integration options to make registration seamless for members.