Top Church Presentation Software 2024: A Quick Guide

Church Presentation Software [Updated for 2024]

As a church leader, your live stream ministry makes a difference in the worship experience you're providing to your community. That's why it's key to have a clear understanding of the church presentation software you're choosing for your services. The technology you use can truly go the distance in shaping the overall worship experience for your congregation. Are you ready to graduate from Microsoft Powerpoint?

This guide will provide you with a quick overview of the top church presentation software options, their key features, and the factors you should consider when choosing the right software for your needs.

Keep reading as we discuss the best worship software for churches.

Key Features of Church Presentation Software

When evaluating church presentation software, there are several important features you may want to consider. These include:

  • User-friendly interface: The software should be easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to create and manage presentations with ease. Test out the platform to confirm that it can be an easy church software to navigate and integrate for your team.
  • Customization: Look for software that allows you to customize the look and feel to match your church's branding, including uploading your own backgrounds, logos, and templates.
  • Media integration: Incorporating media, such as images and videos, into presentations can significantly change the worship experience. Look for software that allows for seamless integration with your media library.
  • Song library: A comprehensive song library is crucial for church presentation software. Integrating a song library should be easy to navigate, allowing you to search for songs by title, lyrics, or theme.
  • Lyrics projection: Musical praise and worship is often core to many churches' worship experience. Having a functionality as a lyrics presentation software  The software should enable you to project lyrics in a clear and readable format, with the ability to change font size and style.
  • Multi-screen support: If your church uses multiple screens during worship, the software should support this and enable you to display different elements on different screens.
  • Mobile access: The ability to access and control the software from a mobile device may be important for some congregations. Having a church presentation app that pairs with your  presentation software can completely shape the user experience based on your needs.

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Top Church Presentation Software Options 2024

While there are countless options when it comes to church presentation software, we've chosen a few top options to get you started as you search for the right fit. Each church presentation software has its own unique features and benefits, strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the top choices to consider:


One of the most popular church presentation tools is ProPresenter. It's hold a reputation of being one of the best free presentation software for churches.

ProPresenter provides real-time display of lyrics, chord charts, and presentations. It's well known for its ability as a lyrics presentation software. It enables teams to control live presentations on multiple screens during worship services and conferences from a central control panel.

ProPresenter isn't just a church lyrics software though. It provides the ability to import videos, add edits and customization to content. With ProPresenter, administrators can blend multiple screens to create a panoramic image, share videos over serial digital interfaces, and utilize themes for a cohesive presentation. Additionally, the platform offers access to translations of the Bible in various languages and facilitates communication on stage for announcements and slide notes.

ProPresenter integrates with several third-party applications and ChMS, such as Planning Center and CCLI SongSelect. Pricing is based on annual subscriptions or perpetual licenses and support is available through video tutorials, a knowledge base, and other online resources.

ProPresenter Pricing

ProPresenter pricing tiers. ProPresenter for Mac and Windows.From

While ProPresenter is one of the most well known church worship software, what are some ProPresenter alternatives?


EasyWorship is a Windows-based church presentation software that allows users to create, manage, and share worship services, including sermons and song lyrics. Users can preview videos, customize the user interface, live stream, and camera angles.

With features such as templates, time detection, reminders, and slideshows, EasyWorship provides a streamlined solution for crafting and delivering worship services online. The platform can also be help plan, schedule, and host events.

Integration is also compatible with other video streaming platforms. Tiered pricing options are available.

EasyWorship Pricing


MediaShout is a versatile and customizable church presentation tool. It offers a library of worship songs, built-in Bible versions, and the ability to edit in real-time.

The software has an array of editing features including ribbon bars, script bars, quick cues, editing windows, allowing users to create and manage a range of church content from lyric slides, announcement loops, to PowerPoint files, and web cues. The platform includes multiple editing tools. Integrations include SongSelect, Planning Center Online, and Dropbox. You can find out more about

Media Shout Pricing


Faithlife Proclaim is a church presentation solution that offers both cloud-based and on-premise options. It allows worship leaders to display and stream content across multiple platforms remotely. The platform includes customizable digital signage and an on-screen Bible tool for adding bible passages during presentations. With mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, churches can broadcast messages, preview presentations, and schedule events on a centralized calendar.

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Proclaim church software also allows for streamlined communication with members and the integration of third-party applications. Faithlife Proclaim is priced on a monthly or annual subscription basis and support is offered through various means, such as documentation and phone.

Add on: Song Select

SongSelect CCI's website:

SongSelect is a widely used online service specifically designed for churches and worship ministries. It provides access to a vast library of worship songs and related resources, making it easier for church leaders, worship teams, and musicians to plan and execute music for their church services and events. This platform easily integrates with many of these church worship software. You can learn more about SongSelect pricing here.

Bonus: Altar Live

Altar Live combines face-to-face videoconferencing with live streaming to create a dynamic atmosphere for community engagement. While not focused on worship presentation, the web based online church platform allows communities to streamline sermon discussion questions, after-church fellowship, small group Bible studies, individual prayer sessions, and retreats and conferences – all in one location.

Altar Live places its focus on the online worship experience, having features ideal for attendee interactions and engagement. Worship leaders can stream across multiple platforms from Youtube to Facebook Live, taking it a step beyond just worship presentation in your church service.

Altar Live is an online solution that has empowered communities to conduct live, interactive events and services. Its user-friendly platform allows members to connect, worship, socialize, and pray together online through watch parties, virtual tables, and personal meeting rooms. Features also include polls and announcement templates, an analytics dashboard with reporting, customization and more.

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The Best Worship Presentation Software

So which is the best church presentation software? Faithlife Proclaim vs ProPresenter? MediaShout vs EasyWorship?

When it comes to incorporating technology into worship services, choosing the right church presentation software can make a significant impact on the overall experience for your congregation.

Ultimately, the best worship presentation software is the one that meets the specific needs of your church community and one that your church media team can master. The best church  software for small churches may not be the same for a large one, and likewise is true about different styles of worship. Each church may not be looking for the same features in a presentation program, and ease of use may vary depending on your team members.

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By considering the key features and evaluating the top software options, you can ensure that you find the right solution for your community.

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