Pre-Recorded Service Template

Bethany Ruggerio

Bethany Ruggerio

Last Updated:
September 22, 2022

Pre-Recorded Service Template


Description: A time to connect your online community with a pre-recorded video and small group discussion afterward.

Type: Event

Stream Source: Pre-recorded video from YouTube or another platform, or uploaded directly to Altar.



Repeat - None


Assign greeters and hosts to run the event

Customize your automated greeter message

Add any notes you want your hosts to have (like sermon points)

Talk with your greeters and hosts beforehand to see if any will volunteer to lead small group discussions, or assign your existing group leaders as greeters or hosts

Who Can Join:

Public - Anyone


Pre-recorded link or upload (see how to upload here)


Add welcome and announcement slides

Set up Your Space:

Auditorium - On (where your main event will happen)

Lobby with tables - Off 

Lobby with rooms - On (where your prayer rooms will be)

  • Add multiple discussion rooms (one per group)

Event Flow


Greeters/Hosts Arrive

  •  Welcome early attendees
  • Connect with new attendees

Send a get-to-know-you poll 

  • Title: “Welcome!”
  • Text: “We’d love to get to know you better.  Do you prefer…”
  • Option 1: “Christmas”
  • Option 2: “Thanksgiving”
  • Option 3: “Easter“
  • Option 4: “Fall Worship Night”


Send an announcement inviting attendees to join rows or say hello in chat

  • Title: “Come join us!”
  • Text: “Thanks for worshiping with us today!  Feel free to grab a seat in a row, or say    hello in the chat!”

Interact via chat during the video

Send Group Discussion announcement

  • Title: “Coffee Hour”
  • Text: “Immediately after the service we will be moving to the lobbies for a time of fellowship and group discussion!”

 Send relevant polls

  • [Example] Title: “Sum it up"
  • Text: "Which summarizes what the passage says to you the best?”
  • Option 1: [Summary]
  • Option 2: [Summary]
  • Option 3: [Summary]

Post sermon notes in chat to help attendees follow along

Re-Send Group Discussion Announcement 


Move everyone to the lobby

Encourage attendees to join discussion rooms

  • Have hosts/greeters reach out to wallflowers
  •  Have at least one greeter responsible for helping people find rooms

End event (manually) after 30 min - 1 hour

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