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Anastasia Zadvornykh

Last Updated:
December 15, 2020

You can communicate with the other participants in an event with text-based Chat. Online participants can send direct messages or create group chats. Chat conversations are self-moderated by participants. Events in Altar Live don't have "public group chat" like a comments section on Youtube or Facebook to prevent people from dominating or hogging the universal chat channel. Altar Live's chat facilitates better peer-to-peer engagement, conversation and connection. Instead, public announcements, prayer requests, and Q&A are done in the announcements channel.

How does chat work?

To be able to use chat, you must be logged in to an account. Anonymous participants can chat with the Greeters, but not directly with other online participants. Learn more about how the hospitality team can create a welcoming experience for first-time visitors or participants who want to join your community.

Conversations aren't erased when the event ends. If you begin a conversation with the same person or group outside of a live event or during another event, your conversation will pick up where it left off.

Conversations are private and are only seen by participants included in the conversation. An online participant can report inappropriate activity to a member of the Hospitality team, who can remove members from an event.

How to start a conversation

To start a new conversation, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Join an event and log in, if you are not already logged in.

Step 2: Open Chat tab from the right sidebar

Step 3: Click on Add Chat to create a new conversation. If you've never created a conversation before, you can also click Start New Conversation.

Step 4: Select the members you want to chat with from the pop-up and click Create. 

Note: You can create Group chat or Private chat. If you select one member from the list, this is Private chat. If you select more than one member from the list, it is Group chat.

Step 4: Once the chat is created, the conversation channel will be opened.

Step 5: You can leave a chat conversation and return to your list of conversations by clicking on the close icon in the upper right corner of the tab.

Send a direct message

From the Members Tab

You can send a Direct message to any other participant in an event from the Members tab.

Step 1: Click on Members tab from the right sidebar

Step 2: Click on the three dots next to the participants name.

Step 3: Select the Direct message option. You will see the conversation thread open.

From Video

You can also send a direct message from video chat.

Step 1: Click the three dots in the top right corner of the video for the person you'd like to direct message

Step 2: Select the Direct Message option. You will see the conversation thread open.

How to send a message

You can send text based messages, as well as emojis and attachments such as images and videos.

Step 1: Click on the conversation you want to send a message in or create a new conversation.

Step 2: Type your message in the text field.

Step 3: Click on the + icon to add an image or video attachment to your message.

Step 4: Click the paper airplane to send the message when you're done composing.

Changing your emoji colors

You can easily change the skin tone of your emojis in Altar chat.

Step 1: Click on the plus icon located at the left of the chat bar at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: When the emoji window pops up, click the colored circle in the bottom right corner. This will expand a pallet of color options for your emojis with skin color.

Step 3: Select your skin color choice from the pallet.

Your selected skin color will then appear on the hand in the bottom of the emoji window. You can change this choice at any time by repeating steps 2 and 3.

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