Worship Service Template

Bethany Ruggerio

Bethany Ruggerio

Last Updated:
September 22, 2022

Worship Service Template


Description: A weekly stream of your in-person service to connect those in your online community.

Type: Event

Stream Source: Existing Stream (learn how to connect your existing stream) or RTMP



Repeat - Weekly


Assign greeters and hosts to run the event

Customize your automated greeter message

Add any notes you want your hosts to have (like sermon points)

Who Can Join:

Public - Anyone


Live video - find out how to connect your feed here.


Add welcome and announcement slides

Set up Your Space:

Auditorium - On (where your main event will happen)

Lobby with tables - On (where coffee hour socialization will happen)

Lobby with rooms - On (where your prayer rooms will be)

  • Add Room: Prayer Room
  • Add Room: Meet the Pastor

Event Flow


Greeters/Hosts Arrive

Welcome early attendees

Connect with new attendees

Send a get-to-know-you poll 

  • Title: “Welcome!”
  • Text: “We’d love to get to know you better.  Do you prefer…”
  • Option 1: “Christmas”
  • Option 2: “Thanksgiving”
  • Option 3: “Easter“
  • Option 4: “Fall Worship Night”



Greet one another

Send an announcement inviting attendees to join rows or say hello in chat

  • Title: “Come join us!”
  • Text: “Thanks for worshiping with us today!  Feel free to grab a seat in a row, or say    hello in the chat!”


  •  Post sermon notes in chat to help attendees follow along

Send Coffee Hour announcement

  • Title: “Coffee Hour”
  • Text: “Immediately after the service we will be moving to the lobbies for a time of fellowship, so grab a mug and join us!”

Send Giving Announcement

  • Text: “Want to give? Donate using our secure and easy payment system.”
  • Button Text: “Give Now”
  • Button Link: [your url]

Closing worship

Send Connection Card Poll

  • Title: "Connect with us!"
  • Text: "Whether this is your first time or you’ve been here for years, we want to get to know you!”
  • Option 1: “This is my first visit.”
  • Option 2: “I’d like to become a member.”
  • Option 3: “I need help understanding this platform.”
  • Option 4: “I’d like to learn more about serving.”
  • Option 5: “I’d like to receive prayer.”

Closing Prayer


Move everyone to the lobby

Encourage attendees to take a seat and talk (ask greeters to lead by example)

Announce Prayer Room

  • Title: “Prayer Room is Open”
  • Text: “Need prayer?  We have people waiting in a prayer room to pray with you.  Ask a Greeter for more information.”

Announce Meet the Pastor Rooms

  • Title: “Meet the Pastor”
  • Text: “Want to meet our Pastor?  Swing by the ‘Meet the Pastor’ room to chat with Pastor [NAME].”

End event (manually) after 30 min

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