Starting on Altar Live: How Much Does it Cost?

Software tailored to specific needs can at times be unreasonably priced, winding up costing what seems to be a fortune. On top of that, month-to month subscriptions can feel like a daunting commitment, and again, can add up over time to be pricey.

With that said, what about Altar Live would make it different? Is Altar Live really worth it?

What is Altar Live?

Altar Live is a live stream and video conferencing platform designed specifically for digital communities and churches to gather together in more real, engaging and personable ways. We believe in creating interactive and engaging digital spaces, places where real community is possible. Instead of just 'watching' church, Altar empowers you to connect with your congregation in real-time, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

With Altar Live, churches don just broadcast their services. Instead, Altar uses streaming, video conferencing along with interactive features to enhance, personalize, and deepen communities' online worship experience.

How much does it cost to get started on Altar Live?

The short answer is: it's free! Altar Live offers a month-long free trial to all those hoping to test out its features and see if the platform is the right fit for their congregation. From there, members can choose from subscription plans starting at costs lower than that of your favorite streaming services. At just $9 a month, Altar's basic plan can help launch your church into a deeper and richer online engagement and community connection.

"At just $9 a month, Altar's basic plan can help launch your church into a deeper and richer online engagement and community connection. "

If you’re looking to take your community’s engagement even further, Altar offers the Engagement Plus plan.  

This plan gives you full access to all of Altar’s engagement features - including rows, tables, lobbies, meetings, and everything else already included in the Engagement Basic plan.  It’s great for communities ready to take their engagement to the next level with watch parties and post-event meeting tables and rooms. It’s also great for communities looking to eliminate multiple Zoom subscriptions (with Altar, all you need is one subscription for your whole community).

Does Altar Live have additional costs or hidden fees?

Altar Live has no"hidden fees". Many software companies hide prices, requiring you and your team to request quotes, and tacking on fees to the final costs.

With Altar, we believe in our mission and our product and we want you to know how our pricing works upfront.

📂 View Altar's Updated Pricing Page Here

The pricing plans mentioned above cover the core features of Altar Live, however there might be factors that influence your costs such as monthly active users or custom builds.

Additional software, equipment, and integrations are also a costs to consider, though these are separate from Altar. Software and integrations can enhance your use of Altar. These costs vary from community to community. and  require you and your team make decisions based on your needs and what you hope to integrate. Some potential additional costs include:

  • Third-party integrations: Altar Live supports integrations with other platforms such as church management systems, giving tools, or other streaming services. Depending on the specific integration, external tools and software systems may have their own fees or subscription costs.
  • Streaming equipment: To ensure high-quality live streams, you might need to invest in certain hardware or software, such as cameras, microphones, or streaming software. The cost of these tools can vary depending on your requirements and budget.

Altar Live is compatible with other platforms and work to seamlessly integrate church management systems, or even systems and software you're already using.

Comparing Altar Live with Other Platforms

As you assess the cost of getting started on Altar Live, it may be helpful to consider how it compares to other platforms like Church Online Platform or Zoom. Altar Live offers competitive pricing tailored to churches and faith communities, but it's worth considering how alternative options compare to ensure you're making an informed decision based on the specific needs of your community.

You can find our guide to the top live stream options for churches here.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plan

When selecting a pricing plan on Altar Live, there are several factors to consider:

  • Consider your community - What are the best ways to engage my specific community?
  • Consider your events - Ask yourself, 'What type of events and gatherings am I hoping to host?' Based on how you want to structure your events, different engagement features may be better suited for your needs. Want to have an auditorium for your conference and break out tables after, Altar's Plus plan offers the best features to run a conference with the feel of a digital event venue. Looking to have host and greeter capabilities and a custom landing page? Altar Basic will help you streamline your online event destination.
  • Consider your congregation size Assess the number of attendees you typically have during your services or events to choose a plan that accommodates your congregation size. Altar's basic is a great place to start to increase engagement through polls and announcements, host and greeter interactions and interactive chat. If you're looking for intentional small groups at tables and in rows, more personal connections in larger congregations can be found through Altar Plus.
  • Consider the engagement features you're looking for Consider the interactive features and engagement tools provided in each plan and choose the ones that align with your needs for fostering community and connection.

How to Get Started on Altar Live

To get started on Altar Live, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Altar Live website at
  2. Sign up for a free trial and begin creating your community's online space.
  3. Set up your live stream by customizing your event settings, adding engaging elements, and testing your setup before going live.
  4. After personalizing your community's landing page, locate your custom link.
  5. Using the link, promote your upcoming events and activities to your congregation and provide them with the necessary details to join your event.
  6. Go live and engage with your attendees, making the most of the interactive features provided by Altar Live.

Follow these steps to seamlessly transition to maximizing community engagement through Altar Live.


Altar Live offers pricing plans designed to empower communities to bring the connectivity of church to life in online spaces. From the $9 a month Engagement Basic Plan  to the Engagement Plus Plan for even deeper engagement and capabilities for conference and larger scale events, Altar Live provides flexibility and scalability fit for each church community.

When considering the cost of getting started on Altar Live, it's crucial to assess the specific needs of your digital community to choose the plan that right for you. Explore how Altar can help create a meaningful online worship experience and foster a sense of community within your congregation.

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