Which Altar Live Plan is Right for Me?

Which Altar Live Subscription is Right for Me?

If you're looking to start on Altar Live but aren't sure which plan to choose, this article will help you ask the questions to discover which plan might be best suited for the needs of your community. Read on as we take a closer look at the key features each Altar Live plan has to offer.

Is it expensive to start on Altar Live?

After 3 years of developing the Altar Live platform alongside communities like yours, Altar Live has developed a new and updated pricing plan.

A monthly cost starting at $9 will give you all the key engagement features you need. To attend events, it’s as simple as clicking a link.

And it's risk-free to try. If you’re wondering whether this plan is the right fit for your community, you can learn more about the Engagement Basic plan here.

Altar Live Engagement Basic Plan

Now for a fraction of the cost, gain access to all the basic features you need to engage your community – because creating community doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

We’re making it affordable. For only 9$ a month, you’ll have access to Altar’s basic engagement features - Polls, Announcements, Chats, Hosts, Greeters, and Analytics.  Plus, you’ll get a customizable landing page to share with your community members for easy access to all your events.  

We’re making it simple. Watching an event is as easy as clicking on a link. From here, attendees can choose to join the chat by quickly signing-in using their Facebook, Google sign-on, or email address.

Altar Live Engagement Plus Plan

We're giving you the power to take engagement to the next level. If you’re looking to take your community’s engagement even further, Altar offers the Engagement Plus plan.  

This plan gives you full access to all of Altar’s engagement features - including rows, tables, lobbies, meetings, and everything else already included in the Engagement Basic plan.  

We're giving you the features to carefully craft an online space that feels like in-person.

It’s great for communities ready to take their engagement to the next level with watch parties and post-event meeting tables and rooms.  

It’s also great for communities looking to eliminate multiple Zoom subscriptions (with Altar, all you need is one subscription for your whole community).

Online engagement has never been easier. Wondering if Altar’s Engagement Basic Plan is the right fit for your community?

📆 Book a time with our online church engagement consultant to find the plan that's best fit for your community.

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