Connect Altar Live to your Online Church Platform

One of the best features of a church online platform like Altar Live is the ability to connect our platform to your website. 

Imagine this, it’s Sunday morning and everything is in place for your online service. The only question is, how do I tell my people about the service? Do I have to send everyone a bunch of different links to my online church platform? 

Fortunately, Altar Live has a solution. By simply connecting Altar Live to your church website, you can make joining your services and events incredibly easy. 

There are a few options when it comes to adding a church online platform like Altar Live to your website. Both are simple and effective. 

Option 1

Create a Community Landing page to connect to your website with a list of all your online services, small groups and events. 

Community Landing Pages are fully customizable event landing pages that allow people to easily find and join your events, as well as see upcoming or past events. You can link to the Community Landing page from your own website, or you can use it as a standalone web page. Seamlessly personalize it with your own logo, color and even custom URL!

Community Landing pages are public webpages. People don't have to have an Altar Live account to be able to see your upcoming events. When someone joins an event, the system will detect whether they are already logged in or anonymous.

Even though Community Landing pages are public webpages, only users with admin access can update or customize the page. In terms of events or services, you have the option to make them public or invite-Only events.

What can I customize on my Community Landing pages?


Add your church’s logo to personalize your profile. 

Background & accent colors

Find colors that perfectly match your website’s color palette.

Text color

Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Subdomain URL (i.e.

Navigation backlinks (buttons that can be connected to an external landing page)

It may seem simple, but taking the time to customize your community landing page will increase your online presence and engagement. People will see Altar Live as a part of their church rather than a platform that is something separate. 

Here is an example of a Community Landing Page: 

Check out this video to learn more about community Landing Pages: 

Option 2 

Connect an individual event or meeting by embedding the Altar Live URL into a button or link on your website.

Important note: Altar Live does not have an embeddable widget, since it’s a destination platform. However, you can connect your Community Landing page directly to a button or link on your own website to be used as an event hub for the rest of your church. 

You can add a hyperlink or a button to your website with a static Altar Live event link, so everyone can easily find it and join an event. 

You can also create links and buttons on your website for single events. ‍

Why Should I Connect my Website? 

Connecting Altar Live to your website is important when it comes to accessibility for your attendees. Here are a few of many reasons why you should connect your website

1. One Destination for Everything 

Take the opportunity to have all of your online service essentials on your church website. By easily connecting Altar Live to your website, you will be saving so much time. There won’t be a need to worry about people using the wrong links or not being able to find the service on another website. Make it easy for your attendees, they will thank you! 

2. Expand the Community 

If you connect Altar Live to your website, it will allow more people to locate and attend your church services. Newcomers will be able to learn about your church and attend a service all from the same location

3. Accessibility is a Necessity 

Taking those small steps to add Altar Live to your website will make your events, services or meetings easily accessible to your church community. People will be able to see the event schedule and seamlessly join events and services. Your community will also feel more secure joining an event directly from your website. 

Altar Live can seamlessly connect with any streaming provider, including Resi, YouTube, Facebook Live, Church Online Platform, Restream, Streamyard, and more.

Check out this video to learn more about connecting your website: