How Much Does It Cost to Start a Church Online?

Stop for a moment to think: How did you hear about your church? When did you start going? Whether it was moving to a new city, asking a neighbor, or a quick Google search of “churches near me”, when choosing a church to attend, location is everything.

What type of area is it located in? What type of space is it that hosts the gathering? How accessible is it? There are countless factors to take into consideration when it comes to location. And for church leaders, there is an endless list of costs associated with physical location when starting up a church.

But enter the digital space into your church planting equation.

Starting up a church online allows you to reach more people and build a community without being limited by a physical location. With that said, it can be challenging to determine the cost of starting a church online. In this article, we will explore what exactly it may cost to get a church online, the value of a church livestream, the best software options to get your church up and running.

So how much does it really cost to start a church online?

What It Takes to Get a Church Online

But what does it really take to get your church online? Let’s talk about the need for digital presence, equipment, resources, and tools.

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1. Costs to Consider for Launching a Church Online: Establishing a Digital Presence

First, if you plan to begin building your community in a digital space, you’ll need to start establishing a presence online. Creating a website or a customized page will showcase what your community is (or hopes to be!). Through your site and other channels such as social media, your church can clearly communicate its mission, vision, and values. Additionally, these platforms should also provide information and easy links your services and any other events you may be hosting.

Costs to consider: Website creation and hosting, content creation

2. Costs for Launching a Church Online: Manpower

Questions to consider: Who will you need on your team? What volunteers will you need to find? What professionals will you need to hire?‍

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3. Costs to Consider for Launching a Church Online: Livestream Equipment

Next, you will need to consider your budget for technical equipment. Will you have a team who is more tech savvy? What budget do you have for investing in equipment or software to enhance your livestreams and provide a better experience for your viewers? Understanding the resources your working with will help you gain a clearer picture of what your church livestream can look like and how you might plan to structure your online church.

Costs to consider: Camera, microphone, lighting, set up, stable internet connection

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4. Costs to Consider for Launching a Church Online: Software

Finally, you will need to consider the tools and equipment you plan to use for your church. There are a countless number of software you might choose to incorporate – from church live streaming solutions, digital giving tools, or worship presentation software.

We know it can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top church live streaming options for you along with the top church giving tools. The importance of digital tools is often overlooked. Let’s talk about why choosing the right live stream solutions and worship presentation software can be a game changer for launching your church online.

Costs to consider: Church Livestream platform, worship presentation software, church giving tools, Church Management software,

Understanding the Value of a Church Livestream

Livestreaming your church services can be incredibly valuable as it welcomes anyone, not limited to a physical location. It offers a space for community and fellowship with increased accessibility and belonging. With that said, the quality of your livestream matters. An engaging, welcoming, and strong first impression may just make the difference in whether individuals choose to make your online church their spiritual home.

A church livestream allows your congregation to engage in fellowship, connecting over a message online. Instead of simply sharing a screen, using real livestream options can offer high quality engaging sermons for the community. Through the chat, or through additional interactive features such as polls and announcements, using the right livestream solution can truly help you build a community online – creating a space for people to connect and share their faith. Through using online church streaming options such as Altar Live, real personal connection isn’t just an afterthought. Livestreaming your services makes opportunity for fellowship, Bible study, prayer meetings with authentic face to face interaction.

Livestreaming your services also works to help you reach new people. As you work to establish your online presence, instead of simply using platforms like Zoom, livestreaming your church online expands your reach, providing a high quality experience and allowing you to be discovered by new people no matter where they may be geographically.

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The Best Worship Presentation Software

Depending on the worship presentation software you choose, displaying lyrics, Bible verses, and other visual elements during your services can be seamless and customizable. This can be incredibly helpful for keeping your congregation engaged and focused during worship.

There are many different worship presentation software options available, each with its own set of features and benefits. Some popular options include ProPresenter, EasyWorship, and OpenLP. Be sure to read our full list of some of the top worship presentation software.

When choosing a worship presentation software, it is important to consider your budget, the features you need, and the level of support you require.

As you choose the right live stream solution for your church, consider how your worship presentation software can integrate in your online worship experience.

Live Streaming Options for Your New Church

While there a number of live streaming options available, we’ve worked to assess the best on the market and create a solution designed with churches in mind.

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Altar was created to be a comprehensive platform that fulfills everything from your online church’s streaming to small group needs. Crafted by dedicated technologists with a passion for the faith community, Altar Live surpasses platforms like Zoom or Facebook Live by offering an all-in-one solution specifically tailored for churches.

How does it stand out?

Altar Live boasts a multitude of church-specific features. By using Altar Live, you can enhance your visitor retention, deepen engagement quality, and gain valuable insights into the attendees of your online church services.

Altar Live provides churches with video conferencing software, consulting, and training, all geared towards fostering genuine engagement. With visualized icons displayed on the screen, hosts can easily identify participants in their online events and seamlessly transition between streaming Sunday services to facilitating small Bible study groups, all within a single platform. These events can even be conducted simultaneously, using just one subscription.

Another notable aspect of Altar Live is its capacity for data analysis. The Altar Live dashboard empowers churches to gain analytical insights into both anonymous visitors and regular attendees, enabling them to comprehend the engagement levels of their online services.


Starting a church online can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. By livestreaming your services and creating a community online, you can reach more people and build a vibrant community of faith. While there are costs involved in starting a church online, an option like Altar Live makes this a reality.

At Altar Live, we’re happy to consult with you and help you make the best decision for your religious organization or faith community. Altar is ready to help you seamlessly integrate what you’re already using, connect your own live stream and data management software, and consult you on the best options to meet your goals.

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