Top 11 Church Giving Tools 2024

If you are looking for the best online giving platforms for small churches or wondering which church giving app you should be using, we’ve collected a list of the top church giving tools.

Implementing giving tools into your online church fundraising strategy isn't just about following church trends. When used correctly, digital giving tools create sustainable online church solutions that can grow your ministry long-term.

Pros and Cons of Using a Church Giving Platform for Online Church Fundraising

Benefits of using a church giving tool

Some potential pros of using a payment processing platform for online church fundraising may include:

  • Allows for easy and convenient online giving for donors
  • Can help increase overall giving and donations for the church
  • Allows for tracking and management of donations, which can be helpful for financial reporting and planning
  • Can help churches accept a wider range of payment methods, including credit cards and electronic payment options

Difficulties of using a church giving tool

Potential cons of using a payment processing platform for online church fundraising may include:

  • Most platforms charge fees for their services, which can reduce the amount of money that the church receives from donations
  • There may be a learning curve for both church staff and donors as they adapt to using the new platform
  • Some platforms may have limits on the amount of money that can be donated or may not support certain types of donations.

Be sure to further explore the features and fees of different payment processing platforms to determine the best fit for your church's needs.

You will also want to consider consulting with church leaders and financial staff to get their input on which platform would be most suitable for your church.

Online Giving for Churches: Top Church Giving Tools 2024


For churches looking to streamline giving processes and management

Anedot helps churches and non-profit organizations manage and streamline their giving from various fundraising campaigns and donation sources into a centralized platform. Ease of use is created for church members who can utilize your custom donation forms to give. It allows you to manage transactions, track data, and easily integrate with giving tools you may already be using.

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For churches tired of transaction fees

RebelGive is a newer and unique tool, offering online giving for churches with no transaction fees. Instead, they charge a, fixed price based on the size of your church. With credit card or bank giving, RebelGive allows you to integrate giving forms into your church site for easy to navigate mobile or web giving. A Control Center helps admin manage, track, and report on and off line giving.

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For churches looking to increase community participation

Kindrid helps churches accept and manage donations. It integrates with church websites, social media platforms, and campaigns to enable giving, promote event registration, as well as volunteer sign-up. Some of its key features include text, mobile, and web giving as well as location tracking and the ability to create multiple designations for collecting donations.

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For big and small churches looking for donation management and reporting

Givelify is a mobile or web giving solution designed for non-profits, churches, and religious organizations. The free tools that it offers include giving solutions, donor engagement, donor management, as well as other third-party integrations. It offers a range of features for managing donations, fundraising, automatic bank deposit of donations, campaign management, and reporting.

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For churches looking to easily integrate with tools they're already using

PayPal is a digital payment platform that allows businesses and individuals to make and receive payments online without sharing financial information. It's easy to use and suitable for churches and organizations of all sizes. Because it is so widely used, the endless possibilities for integrations make it worth considering if this is a priority for your church.

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Easy Tithe

For churches seeking customization and looking to use a variety of payment methods

EasyTithe is designed to help churches manage donations, offering a range of features, including customizable giving pages, kiosks, mobile apps, Facebook integration, and text messaging. The easy to use platform supports a range of payment methods, including recurring giving, credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks. Its management, tracking, and reporting capabilities allow for multi-campus use.

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For churches looking for a popular giving tool part of a larger suite of church software helps organizations such as non-profits, churches, and ministries manage their donations and donors. Part of a suite of online church solutions, such as church management, events management, custom sites and apps,'s free giving tools are versatile. It includes mobile, text, online, kiosk, check-scanning, and offline giving and offers features like recurring donation management, customizable funds, email receipts, and support for multi-campus configurations.

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For churches looking for administrative support to implement a strategy and system

SecureGive is a six platform set of tools that help churches craft and carry out a specific giving experience. It offers customer support for giving tools and is part of a system with options for a growth strategy plan and coaching resources. With integrations, analytics, Spanish language settings, multi-campus functionalities, and custom branding, SecureGive offers church members various ways of giving from online and mobile, to text, kiosk, and check, providing options for your congregation to choose from.

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For churches looking for fundraising solutions and donor interactions

Mogiv is a multi-platform solution that enables non-profit organizations to handle multiple fundraising campaigns and interact with donors. The platform offers secure donation options through text, email and online forms. With customizable giving campaigns, recurring giving options, and communication tools to connect with donors, it provides real-time data insights, identification of first-time donors, and forecasting future contributions.

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For churches looking to streamline various fundraising efforts

Gyve is an online giving platform that helps businesses streamline and manage various types of fundraising efforts, such as round-up donations, one-time donations, recurring donations, text-to-give donations, and kiosk giving. It offers a range of tools for organizations to conduct donor analytics, process payments, monitor giving trends, and track key donor metrics through a streamlined platform.

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Best Church Giving Tools in 2024 for Online Church Fundraising?

How do you choose the right giving tool?

There are plenty of factors to consider, and it's not always a one-size-fits-all solution. Most importantly, it's about finding what integrates best with your church community, your budget, and the tools and resources you're currently using. Different church giving solutions may work better for different communities and congregations.

But it is worthwhile to take your time to find the best fit for you.

Why Having the Right Online Church Solutions Matters

As you explore all the digital tools and resources that might be the best fit for your online ministry, one of the most important aspects to consider is engagement.

How are you using these digital tools to connect and engage with your community?

Online Church Solutions Aren't All Church Trends...

We live in an increasingly hybrid and digitally-mediated world.

How can churches use the right platforms to deepen the work they are doing?

How is your church engaging online? The software you use can be extremely pivotal in determining how you might maximize engagement in your community.

At Altar Live, we make it our mission to provide the tools and resources churches need to maximize their online engagement.

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