The Top 5 Giving Websites for Your Online Church Service

Once you have grown accustomed to having an online church service, you begin to think about how you can implement your usual church schedule into the online platform. Online giving has become very popular for churches that meet both online and in person. There are even websites and apps that were made specifically for churches in mind. Here are the top five websites. 


Platform: Mobile app, online giving, admin gift entry, kiosk giving, text-to-give (fee)

Price: Free ($19 per month for Text-to-give)

Transaction Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction aims to encourage more online giving through their app, website, and through text. It offers many helpful features that will make people feel more comfortable giving online. allows people to give through their debit card, credit card, and bank account. Each payment is encrypted with 256 Bit TSL/SSL and is very secure. Every processing server is Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant.’s processing time is very quick. There is one seven-day wait period, but after that, every payment processes in two days. You can also set up monthly or weekly giving. 

2. Kindrid

Platform: Online Giving, Text-to-give

Price: multiple plans ($0-$45 per month)

Transaction Fee: 2.6%+ $0.30,  ACH: 0.75% + $0.30

Kindrid is a great option for growing churches. It allows anyone to give via ACH (bank account), credit card, and debit card. Kindrid also allows people to pick the areas of the church where they want to give. You can set up an unlimited amount of giving options for various ministries, events, and fundraisers. It also lets people choose if they want to give regularly or once.  Kindrid has bank-level security and is at PCI Level 1. 

3. Givelify

Platform: Mobile, Online giving integrations, kiosk giving, admin gift entry

Price: Free

Transaction Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Givelify  is a convenient and easy option to use for giving during or after your online church service. This platform works well for both big and growing churches. It's free and has no setup fee. One great feature of Givelify is that it can reach bilingual audiences with both and English and Spanish versions of the platform.

4. SecureGive

Platform: Online, mobile, text-to-give, kiosk

Price: Free 

Transaction Fee: 1.5% to 1.75%+ $0.30 for debit and 2% to 2.5%+ $0.30 for credit. 

SecureGive is a platform created by pastors who aim to make giving simple and easy. This platform values security and is PCI compliant. People can give whenever they wish and set up scheduled payments. It also allows people to give to certain areas of the church, events, and ministries. 

5. EasyTithe

Platform: Mobile, Facebook App integration, text-to-give, and kiosk

Price: Tiered pricing ranging from $0 to $49 per month 

Transaction Fee: Depending on the pricing. The Free plan is 3% + $0.39 

EasyTithe is a great platform because you can customize it to work well with your church’s brand and mission. There is a free app for churches that gives access to giving, sermons, videos, and a way to register to events. EasyTithe is easy to use and users can schedule their giving. They can also pay with credit, debit, and ACH. If you need help setting up the platform, EasyTithe has a customer success team that will coach you and help you adapt to an online platform