How To Set Up Giving For Your Online Church Service

Giving back and tithing are an essential part of being in a Christian community. It is the way to  show our devotion to our faith and brothers and sisters in Christ. However, sometimes passing the offering basket during a Sunday service is not always efficient or possible. Most churches have made the virtual shift to having an online church service. How can you not only set up online giving, but also encourage congregants to tithe? 

Choose an Online Giving Solution

Luckily, there are a myriad of options when it comes to online giving. Here are a few that will make online giving seem less daunting 

  1. Create a Website Specifically for Online Giving: Some churches have created websites for giving. It is a simple way to encourage members to tithe. During your online church service you can link the website in the chat so it is easily accessible for members for online giving. 

  1. Use Text-To-Give: This option allows members to donate by texting the amount they wish to give to a phone number the church will set up. This option is very quick and easy. Most parishioners have their phone readily available during an online church service. Donating will take less than a minute. To remind the congregation, simply put the number in the chat or create a special slide during your online church service. 

  1. Use Mobile Apps: Apps like Venmo, Paypal, and Cash App are great and simple ways to encourage people to give during or after your online church service. The Apps are free and easy to navigate. Members can just send the desired amount to the church account. 

  1.  Use Giving Apps and Websites: This option has become very popular. There are special apps and websites designed specifically for online giving.

Here are few notable apps: 

Encourage Giving 

Once you have chosen a solution and platform, members can freely give. In terms of encouragement and reminders, consistency is key. Leave links in the chat, create slides to talk about giving, designate time to talk about giving, and perhaps even create an online offering session with live music. Online giving and tithing is easier than ever, thanks to virtual sources!