Digital church use cases -- memorial service

Altar Live CEO Stephanie Leathe, and Lifepointe Church Online Pastor Rob Perry met recently met on a Stadia podcast. Here, they discuss using Altar Live to create a meaningful and differentiated online experience for a memorial service.

Stephanie: You can think of so many things that our world has now learned to do online. We actually had a church do a memorial service on the platform the other day. It was for a very well known member of their community. They had it in the building, and they had about 40 people also join on the Altar Live side. They actually got to see people who they knew, and have a deeper interaction besides just viewing it alone in their own home on Facebook or YouTube. Instead, they got to feel like they could honor this person by being together, talking in her memory.

Rob: I've been thinking about using Altar Live for a memorial service. It just feels better than Google Meet or Zoom for a memorial. It's the fact that it is different. Everybody's tired of Zoom and Google Meet, but then add to that this is a significant event in a family's life. Just the simple fact that it looks different is huge. That's what made me think - yes, this is another way we can use Altar.