How Are Online Conferences Helping Churches To Grow?

Churches have revolutionized the way they interact with their followers during the worldwide covid-19 pandemic. Those who have always relied on traditional ways were also forced to upgrade their operations to create a bond with their visitors online. It was time, every church leader had to devise new ways to be virtually available for their followers.

Talking about virtual and online assistance churches has provided during the global lockdown, one of the biggest things that proved to be beneficial were online church conferences. There is no doubt that live streaming on Facebook and other social media platforms proved to be a source of support for those who were in dire need but let’s be honest live streaming is not a long-term sustainable solution.

Online conferences have made it easier for churches to bring everyone together in one place, interact with their followers and become a source of spiritual and emotional support in times when it was not possible to visit churches physically.

The amazing thing that church leaders observed organizing church conferences is the number of followers they were attracting online. For visible church growth and recognition, these conferences played a vital role.

If your church has still not adopted a strategy to organize an online conference, here are some of the reasons that will help you analyze how online conferences are helping churches to grow.

One-Stop Venue for All

The best thing about online conferences is that everything is available at one virtual venue!

Unlike church events that happen in a physical location and require immense investment and manpower to make successful, online conferences are a one-stop thing. Everything is available in one place for example if you want detailed guidance on church growth and other issues, you can get assistance from the world's best church leaders in one place.

Many ministers, fathers, priests, and church leaders are available at a conference and you can have one-on-one interaction with them without even any struggle.

Earlier, many new church visitors hesitated to go to church or seek guidance being introverts or many parents missed out on so many services but online conferences have made it easier for people like them. They can talk with anyone, share their issues, and be on the path they want to be with a click of a button.

More Participation from People

According to a survey, 31% of Americans never attend a church compared to 22% who go to church every week. People can't attend church events and services when they are working 5 days a week. The weekends are devised for other chores and projects that need assistance.

Similarly, for parents with small kids and toddlers, church attendance has always been an issue. The same goes for someone with a tough job schedule or higher studies. Churches were leaving heavy clout by not making church visits virtually feasible for everyone.

Now, we have observed that online conferences have boosted the attendance of church followers. Even people who have never attended a church service online were interested to go through the conference once during such hard economic times we are going through.

Church leaders have observed that there was more participation from people of all ages, fields, backgrounds, and ethnicities. They were comfortable interacting with the ministers, sharing their issues, taking lectures and services, and actively participating in the online praying section.

Access to Unlimited Information

There is one thing that is beyond appreciation when it comes to online conferences: the availability of unlimited information. The best part is you don’t even have to pay for the information available online.

Churches have made it possible to make guidance material accessible to anyone who wants to learn. The learning material is free of charge and there are tons of material in terms of lectures, audio, books, and even virtual face-to-face assistance when it comes to online conferences.

Quick Access to Speakers

Churches bring the world's best speakers to their conferences who assist their followers. One such conference is the Engage Conference which gathers the best church leaders and speakers from all around the world and provides free assistance to their followers.

Online conferences have made it possible for their followers to interact with any church leader or speaker they want. When you are in a church physically, sometimes it is not possible due to the crowd or you are just not comfortable opening up with someone in person. Online conferences allow you to choose the speaker of your choice as there are many speakers who are attending the conference.

Virtual Prayer Room

During the hard times of covid-19 pandemic, churches made it possible for their followers to get access to virtual prayer rooms. People were panicked, afraid, and in need of emotional and spiritual support. In such times of need, these virtual prayer rooms proved to be a source of light for them.

With virtual prayer rooms in online conferences, a lot of people send prayer requests for their loved ones and themselves as well. Church leaders have observed thrice the number of prayer requests virtually than they had physically with the help of virtual prayer rooms.

Minimum Investment

Organizing a physical conference requires huge investments. Not only is financial stability a concern for a church, but it also requires 24/7 manpower and hundred other operations running at the same time to make a conference successful. It is tiring, exhausting, and very unstable when it comes to capital.

Whereas online conferences required no such investments, labor, or physical assistance. If a church has a good IT and marketing team, they can easily arrange a church conference and make it successful.

Things will keep updating and changing as we have entered into a fast-paced technology world. You can only play a vital role in your church's growth if you will keep up your pace with the technology and online church conferences can make that happen.