FaithTech Institute -- Unbundling Church: Strategies for Hybrid Worship Services

Unbundling Church: Strategies for Hybrid Worship Services

by Adam Graber

FaithTech Institute

"Two-way live-streaming. To personalize it even further, what if the screen projected a Zoom call of all the people watching from home? How would that give those people online a meaningful participation in the service? Of course, be sure everyone knows what you’re doing, so online participants know they’re being seen. They’re just as visible as if they were in-person, but we need to normalize it. That starts by acknowledging it.

What dignity you communicate to your congregation, what biblical convictions you demonstrate by going to great lengths to make their presence known! (AltarLive, a new platform I discovered while writing this, is aiming to do just that.)

You show your members that their presence and participation are seen and valued, and that their absence is noticed! You may find they’re more likely to show up again next week!"