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Host and Greeter Guide

After you watch this tutorial series, you’ll be equipped with all the host and greeter skills you need to run an event on Altar Live. You’ll learn how Altar Live works, important moderation tools, and how to spark interactions with attendees.

As a host and greeter, your roles are key in helping members and visitors alike truly engage with your organization or church in a positive way. It's unfortunate, but sometimes you're going to HAVE to mute, or even boot, unruly, distracting, and disruptive guests.

As a Host or a Greeter, you are the life source of any event or meeting. Along with creating a welcoming experience for first time visitors and regular attendees, Hosts and Greeters can also use the chat to start conversations, answer questions, and so much more.

In Altar Live, the Lobby is the place where engagement deepens and where community is formed! Just like in a physical church: when your service ends, your lobby is open for fellowship. Taking a seat in the Lobby is just the same as in the auditorium: simply click on a seat at an available table, and they’re joined up with 3 other people in a private video conferencing session.

Part of your roll as a Host or Greeter is communication. You can communicate with the attendees and church community during services, events, and meetings not only with chat, but also by using the announcement feature.

When people enter an online space, it can be daunting. But taking a little extra time to let attendees know that there is a real person behind the screen can make all the difference. Here are some tips for Engaging with your attendees on Altar Live

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